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Month: May, 2012

Shadow Test

Testing the conveyer belt with lights to see what kind of shadows we get from it.


final mask pattern

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We changed the pattern on the ladies mask so it is more simplified and the lines are thicker so the detailing will be slightly more obvious in the easy cast this way.

Clamp Mechanisim



creating a silicone mould

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here we did our first draft silicon mould.

we put a small amount of silicon on top of one of our acrylic masks to see if it could pick up the fine detail we created and it could which was great.

we are still waiting for the rest of the silicon to dry as it takes over night. but we will just do one half of the two part mould and put a stick stuck into the urethane and get the clamp to pull it out to see if there will be any problems pull the mask out of the mould, if it is too tricky for what ever reason the clamp  may end up pulling to firmly on the stick and derailing the conveyor belt so we need to test for this at the moment.

how the fold out box could work

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after constructing this we have realised it would be a really big box and there might be an easier way to create this feel where all the componants are more accsessable so we think that instead of having the sides sold they would just be a fold out wooden frame with red velevet curtains attached.

the screen would fold into 3 sides and create a tunnel over the top of the conveyor belt so the masks are easier to make into a silhouette

Clamping Motor

Links to videos of our motorised clamp part.

Working motor

This is the video of our motors powering our machine.

the start of embellishing our masks

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for the women’s mask we were thinking of having a more organic free flowing form like lace that is intricate and delicate

but for the mens mask having something more bold obvious and geometric, these are how masks on the markets seem to trend

there are two different forms of laser cutting here, one is a vector and the other is rasterizing. the raster looks messy and not as crisp as the vector, im am unsure if the silicone will pick up the vecotor lines as they are so tiny.

also the vector took 1 hour 30mins where as the raster only took 5 mins

here are our 2 rough forms for our mask mould. we have decided to have a mens and women’s mask

the first is the males

the second the females


mask development

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her is a bogged green foam mask we are using to make our first draft mould as well as form acrylic masks around for our final mould so we can then have something that is symmetrical with a beautiful pattern