the development of the mask

by wickinc

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here is how we made the mould of the mask and the injection moulding we did with the easy cast. it didnt go aswell as we would have liked. but the mask was not unsuccesful we were happy how it turned out but a little more time would have been useful and money as easy cast and silicon is expensive and this was the first time any of us had used these materials so ofcourse there was mistakes.

the purple pigment worked better in the easy cast as it set faster for some reason.

we had to use 75ml of easy cast and it took about ten minutes to set. this itself was hard to figure out the exact amount as our silicon mould leaked so when I put water in it to measure it it just spilled every where so we just had to guess.

in one of our guesses ( our first one in the set up machine) i put 300ml when this spilled out every where the mould got stuck shut and when we tried to open it, the cogs broke as it was so stuck shut.