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Clamping Motor

Links to videos of our motorised clamp part.


Working motor

This is the video of our motors powering our machine.

the start of embellishing our masks

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for the women’s mask we were thinking of having a more organic free flowing form like lace that is intricate and delicate

but for the mens mask having something more bold obvious and geometric, these are how masks on the markets seem to trend

there are two different forms of laser cutting here, one is a vector and the other is rasterizing. the raster looks messy and not as crisp as the vector, im am unsure if the silicone will pick up the vecotor lines as they are so tiny.

also the vector took 1 hour 30mins where as the raster only took 5 mins

here are our 2 rough forms for our mask mould. we have decided to have a mens and women’s mask

the first is the males

the second the females


mask development

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her is a bogged green foam mask we are using to make our first draft mould as well as form acrylic masks around for our final mould so we can then have something that is symmetrical with a beautiful pattern

removable motor

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we have made the motor easily removable

refining the cam-belt

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Here are a few photos with components to our conveyor belt.

we have added new tracks, made things tight, and more crisp so it runs more smoothly, still to attach the rail that engages with the stick to feed it into the mould. But we have attached the motor and it now runs when hooked up to a car battery =)

yay progress


here are the two motors we riped out of the car.

we have got them all working just need to hook them up to a car battery now

masks that we will use as a base

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we will bog and build up these masks to make our mould around

Scrap Yard

we went to the scrap yard to pull cars apart to use the motors from the windscreen wipers and windows for our mould as we need something that is slower than a blender and has a reverse movement.